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How much?

On average the cost of driving lessons will be from £20-£25 an hour. The cost of your driving lessons will depend on the instructor to which you’re assigned, as Driving Lesson Prices leaves it up to the individual instructors to set the price of their tuition. However, rest assured that we ensure that each instructor sets a fair price, which compared to other driving schools will certainly save you money. 

Too much?

If you feel that you’re being charged too much, you are of course free to look elsewhere. However, we’re sure that we offer the best prices for quality driving lessons in the industry. Also, we at Driving Lesson Prices will stay in touch with you to ensure that you're happy with the instructor. If you have any problems, then we can approach the instructor on your behalf, should you wish. 


Individual instructors will of course be willing to negotiate discounts for block bookings. For example, if you book ten lessons in one go the instructor may be willing to charge you for just eight. Again though, this is at the discretion of individual instructors.

Remember that one of the great advantages of choosing to learn to drive through Driving Lesson Prices is that, for all instructors, you get your first lesson absolutely free.