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Info for instructors

Are you a Green Badge holder? Do you consider yourself experienced and among the best? Then why not join the Driving Lesson Prices database? As long as you live in the UK, you’re eligible to join us. Benefits will include increased custom, and the exciting prospect of being part of a nationwide initiative.

When you join, your details – including your postcode – will enter our computer system. Then when a prospective client living in your catchment area expresses his or her interest, their details will be automatically forwarded to you, along with a convenient time to phone them. It’s up to you to negotiate fees, but note that it is part of the Driving Lesson Prices philosophy to offer extremely fair prices. Also during the phone conversation, you will agree on dates and structure of lessons.

If you register with us, this does not mean that you have to stop trading and advertising under your previous name. Rather, the custom generated through Driving Lesson Prices should be regarded as additional to your previous business.

Please note that all prospective instructors will be investigated prior to being accepted onto the database. This is just to ensure that poor quality instructors cannot join us. 

Click here to join us.