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Franchise charges

If you’re an instructor and you’re thinking of registering your details with Driving Lesson Prices, then that’s great!

Our franchise charges are extremely competitive. We keep the costs down so that we get to keep you!

Before registering your details, please remember that we like instructors to be friendly, reliable and serious about safe, smooth driving.

Support is available to all instructors from the main office at all time.

We won’t ask you to sign a contract with us. Indeed, we advise you to beware of franchise driving schools that do ask you to sign a contract. If you’re not getting any work from your school then you could be locked into a contract with no work and no way out.

Apart from our ‘first lesson free’ policy, we do not force you to offer any discounts on your lessons (although block booking schemes are an option, and by advertising them it is possible to attract more custom and therefore, in the long run, earn more).

If you feel you want to have an informal chat before registering your details, give us a call on 07915 672157.