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Types of study

Our commitment to you

Driving Lesson Prices was built and set up exclusively by driving instructors. This means that all our staff share a passion for safe and effective driving, as well as a commitment to helping you the customer get hold of a fantastic local instructor. Take the first step - fill in the right-hand form!

How often should my lessons be?

The best way to learn to drive is to take two two-hour lessons a week, If you want to take more, you can do. The more hours you put in each week, the sooner you'll pass your test.

If you're too busy to take two two-hour sessions a week, try and take at least one two-hour session. Any less than this is too little.

Intensive courses

If you want to learn extremely quickly, take an intensive course. Intensive courses typically last for five days, with four hours a day making up a total of twenty hours.

Intensive courses are not for everyone - some might find them too overwhelming.

However, if you have:

- A little driving experience already

- The drive to work hard

- Time

then intensive courses will be perfect!

A further option is to learn semi-intensively. Here you would drive for around ten hours a week.

Driving Lesson Prices has intensive course instructors in your area. Just fill in the form, and we'll get back to you.

Of course, how you structure your study is entirely up to you.